czwartek, 28 lutego 2008

frame purse


Last time o wrote about finishing a frame purse as a commision.
It's ready. The frame is made by Nina. The fabrics are black wool and dark green silk. I made turk's knots from black goatskin. The woolen lace has brass points.

And another purse, a leather one. I only made the chain seam, and attached the brass bars (once again by Nina). The whole purse is made by my boyfriend.

I ordrered glass beads for my Arnolfini paternoster project. I can't wait!
And I already begun to make green silken tassels.

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Isis pisze...

wow beautiful! how did you do the turk's head knots with leather?

basia pisze...

thank you!
I cut a leather strap, about 2-3 mm wide and tie the turk's head knot, just like I do it using gimp :) It works both with soft and with hard leather.
It's easier when I use a wooden needle (wich I normally use for naalbinding).

Constance pisze...

That is beautiful, I love the frame purse. I am curious how the frame fits into the purse pattern? I have lots of images of these purses and seen some in museums, but i'm not too sure of how they are put together. Do you have any photos/links of the construction that you used?



basia pisze...
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basia pisze...

I strongly reccomend a book Pusres in Pieces by Olaf Goubitz,

However this particular construction is a result of my own experiments and I can't tell if it's historically correct (I have no sources yet, but I still like it :))

When I'm going to make another purse like that one I'll certainly take some photos during the process of making it.

Constance pisze...

Thanks for the reply, I love experiment designs with projects. It's a great looking purse.

Thanks for the book reference, i'll keep my eye open for it.


wandar-wanda pisze...

Hi Basia,
You work is beautiful,