piątek, 19 marca 2010

handgunner's bag

One of my finished projects was a leather bag to be used for handgunner's equipment.

I used white, soft calf hide. 

Here you can see it:

It was already used, so it wears black powder stains ;) But it worked really good! 

sobota, 13 marca 2010

still alive!


A big thank you for everyone who did not abandon my blog and are writing for updates!!

I'll soon post new pictures from my current projects.

I always claimed that I'm not tallented for embroidery, but recently had to learn counted stiches.
I'm going to take part in an event in Nykobing, Denmark - a proper jousting tournament, where I'll be playing a Ladie's maid. So I'm afraid I'll have to stich, sing and dance while playing my role :)

środa, 22 października 2008

It's been a while

Well, I had hard times at work for a few months, but it's finally over. And I spilled beer over my notebook and almost half of the keys on my keybord broke down, so I had to buy a new one. I still can't find some of my reseach data.. 

I have some pictures, wich were waiting for 3 months to be put here.  Among them a girdle purse inspired by the dutch findings. It's far from being perfect,  but still I like it. And you can spot the shadow of my boyfriend taking pictures :)


czwartek, 5 czerwca 2008

linen towels

I finally managed to make pictures of my linen cloth :)
The stripes are produced by blue warp threads. The pieces need to be hemmed on the edges.

sobota, 31 maja 2008

My Paternoster Project finished

My paternoster was on holiday and done some sightseeing :)

I hope it was fun :)
And a little comparision once more :)

I still work on some projects, so I'll let you know as soon, as they're finished :)
The sun is shining here, but it's pretty cool at my workplace , so I feel like sitting in a fridge.

I remodelled my friend's dress lately and she gave me some linen cloth with stripes on the edges The cloth was bought by her grandmother in the 70's. but stayed untouched. It was used in Poland for making kitchen towels. I should use it to make a few towels or maybe a small pillow.

niedziela, 13 kwietnia 2008

my latest projects

I had to make something for Nina to take to the trading fair in Pontoise/France, so I quickly made some laces and two frame purses

Here is a leather one:

czwartek, 3 kwietnia 2008

everyone is busy lately...

I've got lot of work, including my regular work, research for my MA thesis, finishing comissions and my own accessories.

I'm going to weave a girdle matching a wedding burgundian gown. I'm quite nervous about the results...

The beads for my paternoster arrived, and I'm going to finish it at least! My tassels look like that one

And I found a glass cup with a leather case. I love it! :)
It's here